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Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022

Producer - Handsworth Site Festival

In the summer of 2022 all eyes were on Birmingham as it was hosting the Commonwealth Games, in conjunction with the games there were numerous festival sites being hosted around the city. I was more than honoured to be offered the chance to be the producer for the Handsworth Site Festival. 


Being from Handsworth I understand and embrace the many cultures that make the area what it is, because of this I was able to approach and bring together the best artists, performers and vendors. From here I began my journey to make this site hold the best festival of the Commonwealth Games.

Planning & Production

The process began by sourcing artists and performers, researching who I believed would be relatable and exciting for members of the community and those visiting the festival. I also sent artist call outs which were shared across social media which enabled those looking for a chance to perform be able to put forward their talents and be selected for the event.

Administration & Budgeting

Once the contact had been made with artists the next step was the administration and finance process. Being provided with a budget to cover a fees for artists and performers this was managed throughout the timescale of the project.


The administration consisted of writing contracts for the artists and also completing relevant checks such as having insurance and other requirements.


Being such a large-scale event, there was already a buzz within the city I used this as a springboard to reach as many people as I could. To spread the word of the event I made an appearance on Radio WM and also New Style Radio giving listeners a sneak peak of the fun we had prepared for the weekend festival. Reaching out to the community by visiting local businesses, libraries and community centres to inform every one this was a fun family event for everyone to come out and enjoy, leaving flyers and leaflets. 


On Site Management

On the day of the events I ensured the day flowed as smoothly as possible greeting acts, ensuring their needs were met and stage times we stuck to. 


Throughout the day I would be continually communicating with technical and production team who were located around the park. 


On the Saturday both BBC and BBC Radio WM were in attendance for which I arranged interviews with performers which were broadcast on live television 

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