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PRODUCER - Cultural Programme

I am employed by Compton Verney Arts Gallery as the producer for the Making Mischief cultural program, where my role was to commissions an artist and dancer to deliver workshops to community groups and produce artworks and a dance movement piece. 


Myself and the Compton Verney team commissioned visual artist Jane Thakoordin to co-create, deliver workshops and produce banners with the community group from Saathi House, Aston in Birmingham. The original brief was to commission a choreographer and for them to create a dance piece for a performance, but due to the logistical difficulties and extenuating circumstances this did not come to fruition. 

The workshops began at Saathi House providing women the opportunity to experience new skills during a series of practical workshops to collectively co-produce a large scale dressing for the facade of the historic Compton Verney building.In March the group visited Compton Verney to see the art exhibition Making Mischief and immerse themselves in the history and traditions of festivals costume and dress. The experience stimulated great discussions on the comparison of both cultures and traditions and they identified the similarities with their own cultural dressings, musical instruments and dance movements. 

The outcome will dress the frontage of the house creating movement, sound, colour and be a positive cultural statement, of which the group will leave their eternal footprint at the gallery. The process is being documented and there will be a performance of folklore performers on 5th May where the group will reveal their amazing works. 

Copy of Copy of Simple Shape Monument Gallery Instagram Post (1).jpg


Source artists and dancer/choreographer this was done via a call out, once these were secured contracts were written for the artists.

Liaise with the engagement, marketing and management team

Build relationship and support the journey of the community groups we were looking to collaborate with on the project

Supported the team with comms, marketing, program development, recommendations 

Support with delivery between community group and the artists  

Transport, cultural needs, 

Scheduling the cultural program for the artists and the team (negotiating times and dates) 

Monitoring the budget 

Marketing and promotion 

Planning, administration and evaluation

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