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Community & Cultural Immersion Practice Learning Experience (PLE)


I am the coordinator leading on an exciting and new opportunity for trainee nurses to undertake combined school placement and cultural immersion experiences within West Birmingham communities. Having over twenty years experience as a college lecturer, it has been a perfect blend of my project management and my co-ordinator skills with my educational past.


The pilot programme involving 6 student nurses from BCU every two weeks for 6 weeks, a total of 18 students which began in March 2023 as a pilot.

Working with Flourish and Birmingham City University my responsibilities started planning the programme, facilitating information of the program to schools and community organisations to get their support which would enable them to host the student nurses during their placement.

  • Negotiating dates, times and advising on activities with hosts 

  • planning meetings with partners and health care professionals, evaluators, facilitators and providers. 


  • Designing and producing the student work booklet and resources 

  • Collating all of the details for the program and producing a schedule

  • Scheduling the program and periodically, continually keeping it updated and informing the team and the students 

  • Building relationships and networking with community hosts

  • Collaborative working with local schools and community organisations

  • Presentations 

  • Risk assessments 

  • Problem solving 

  • Comms 

  • Strategic planning 

  • Evaluation of the programme 

  • Lots of patience, being very flexible and adaptable 

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