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From One Home to Another, was an idea to develop a family history project, exploring the journey of four generations of women from my family. Starting with my grand mother who lived in Jamaica to my mother who came to England at 16 finding herself a new home in London. After a discussion with a local stakeholder, they generously said they would part fund my idea, it then became a reality, however not as a personal project instead for the community I am proud to call home, Handsworth. The project saw members of the community exploring their heritage and journey through arts activities.

There was a wide range of ethnicities and age groups who attended and participated in the project ranging from eight years old to fiftey plus. Throughout July and August members of the community attended Law & Leisure learning shared stories of their heritage and created some beautiful and heart felt artworks.  It has been exciting delivering a community arts project again, as its been over 20 years, it's wonderful to be doing what I love, getting individuals to express themselves by engaging in hands on arts activities. The feed back I got from those who attended was that they usually never have access to these type's of activities or didn’t feel they had the confidence to be creative, and that is a shame because everyone is creative in their own way they just don’t know it yet! 



Of the project

From the concept of the project 

-Constructed and wrote bid to apply for funding for the project

-Pitched and presented idea to funders

-Created an outline also the legacy of the project to the community and participants

-Created a structured plan for a variety of activities both in Law & Leisure and around Birmingham

-Created and laucnhed marketing campaign 

-Arranged interview times and locations for members of the community 

-Arranged for recording and editing of videos for final cut

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